Aging is a process that is inevitable, but also a process that is unpredictable. Scientists have still not found a cure, medicine or procedure that could prevent aging of the body. This process should be understood and accepted as a physical phenomenon and focus on the quality of living. As we age, we start to feel more and more problems related to the proper functioning of the body as a whole and all of its parts to a lesser or greater extent.

The quality of life, regardless of our age, can be affected to a large extent by what we eat. We should not wait for a certain age in order to start protecting vitality. Vitality is protected while we are still young because this is the best period to minimize certain risk factors. Poor diet, smoking, excessive drinking and stress will definitely affect your health and contribute to the increased amount of free radicals in the body that damage our cells. If you want to feel good when you are more than 60 years old you need to be aware of the health risks and reduce them on time.

No matter how old are you, your diet should be healthy. However, because of their state of health or physical barriers, the elderly have difficulties to practice a healthy diet. People who have a proper and balanced diet and don’t suffer from excess weight are more vital and age slower. Besides that, they have less health issues.

The process of aging itself makes it difficult for proper nutrition because it is normal for people at this age to have lower appetite. In addition, the elderly have reduced sense of smell and taste and they don’t enjoy eating so much. The most difficult situation is the one where the old people because of their health condition are unable to perform the simplest operations like peeling fruit, opening cans, standing next to the stove while cooking food etc. Disabled persons find aging more and more difficult. They need help and they should not be left alone. Home care agencies are a great option in situations like this.

Seniors can improve the quality of their lives with a healthier diet. It is sufficient to use better quality foods rich in flavonoids, phytochemicals and antioxidants (vitamins C and E, zinc, selenium and beta carotene). Old people don’t eat in the same way as they used to, so their meal should be as nutritious as possible and it must meet their calorie requirements. Experts recommend food that is not processed and has an abundance of vitamins, minerals and fiber.