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Eating the right foods is important if you want a healthy body and mind. Though some people are aware of this fact and are comfortable and capable of making sound nutritional decisions, others have forgotten how to eat healthfully. Realizing this, we find it is important to offer nurtitional counseling as a part of our Home Care Services. All too often, seniors lose their way when it comes to eating nutritious foods and maintaining a balanced diet. Some seniors simply buy inexpensive foods that have poor nutritional value to save money. Unfortunately, a poor diet can lead to poor health and mental function.

You should find it comforting to know nutritional counseling is available at our Brooklyn home health care and senior care agency. The nutritional counselors who work at this agency use their compassion and knowledge to devise eating plans that are designed to keep their clients happy, as well as healthy. To come up with a successful dietary plan, our trained and licensed counselors assess their client’s nutritional needs, as well as the foods their client’s enjoy eating. The diet plans created are successful in every way. Since each client has different nutritional needs and desires, an individualized nutrition plan must be created for each new client.

Our Home Health Aides Care About Your Nutrition

Eating healthfully can keep you in good health so that you can go through life with as little assistance from others as possible. Our home health aides ensure that their patients are on the right track and only eating those foods which will benefit their health and well being. The practice of maintaining a healthy diet comprised of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water will leave you looking your best and feeling wonderful. When your diet is good, your chance of developing certain life-threatening and debilitating illnesses may decrease, and a good diet can help improve poor health. It’s never too late to replace bad eating habits with good ones, so let our nutritional counselors help you turn your life around.

An improvement in overall health after adhering to a diet plan created by our nutritional counselors at our Brooklyn home health care agency is not uncommon. Our senior care Brooklyn agency nutritional counselors are thoroughly screened so that we can be confident our client’s will receive the best care. We know that the nutritional counselors that work at All Heart Home Care Inc. put their heart and soul into their work, and we’re sure our client’s know it too.

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