Effective 10/18/2021 

1. We will not allow any visitors whose COVID-19 vaccination status is not confirmed by (i) our electronic records or (ii) paper/electronic proof of vaccination provided by the visitor prior to entering the office premises; 

2. Prior to making any in-office appointment for caregivers, clients or any other visitors, you must ask if the expected visitor is vaccinated against COVID-19; 

3. If the expected visitor declared to be vaccinated, but we don’t have his/her proof of vaccination, please ask the visitor to bring the respective proof with him/her and verify before he/she enters the premises; 

4. If the expected visitor is not vaccinated, please consider using email/phone (e.g. sending medical forms; filling in application documents) or ordinary mail (sending paychecks); 

5. If the unvaccinated visitor’s issue can not be resolved remotely (e.g. a visitor came to pick up masks and gloves), the meeting with the office employee must take place next to the Agency’s door in a way where office employees (wearing a mask and gloves) remain inside the office and unvaccinated visitor stays outside. The duration of such visit should be as short as possible; 

6. When communicating with unvaccinated visitors, always be polite and friendly, and don’t make visitors feel uncomfortable due to their vaccination status; 

7. A person who started a vaccination series, but did not complete it at the moment of the visit, is considered vaccinated and allowed to enter the office premises; 

8. All the rules mentioned above apply to unexpected “walk in” visitors as well; 9. Should you have any questions regarding the implementation of these rules please contact Ross Sharan.