The natural occurrences that accompany the aging process must be accepted because only in this way we can enrich this time of our lives more interesting and acceptable. In addition, by following a healthy lifestyle the elderly can avoid many diseases.

By using the latest achievements in the field of science and technology and with the increased awareness of quality of life, people were able to shift life expectancy in the last few decades. Aging is a completely natural biological process. However, tendency toward premature aging or death can be caused by bad habits and improper diet.

Some of the most common diseases that occur in the elderly are linked to the changes in the sense organs like ears and eyes, followed by heart disease, diseases related to the mobility system, digestive system and endocrine system. We should not forget our health problems related to oral health.

The food we consume has one of the most important roles in the prevention and reduction of risk associated with the development of some of these chronic diseases in the elderly. Senior citizens are especially sensitive to disorders linked to dieting. When it comes to energy needs, we should point out that aging leads to reduced muscle mass and reduced basal metabolism, so the need for energy is lowered in general. The physical activity is decreased too. Besides that, many old people practice monotonous and nutrient-deprived diet. The reasons for this practice can be different – lack of money, ignorance or lack of interest to prepare and consume food. The biggest problems occur when older people have limited mobility or when they are completely immobile. This is where service providers like home care agency come into the picture. Their professionals know which type of food is best for the elderly and they can help them prepare and consume this food.

Proper diet is the best defense against spiritual and bodily aging. The diet must include natural, raw, unprocessed food that comes with all the important nutrients. Older people must take more cereals, fruits and vegetables, milk, fresh cheese (low-fat), fish and eggs from time to time. When it comes to oil they should use virgin olive oil. In addition, the elderly must take sufficient amount of liquids and if needed, they must be reminded of this activity because they can often forget to drink water.

By following these tips, senior citizens can improve their quality of life.