Caring for an aging parent or other relative is a stressful activity, but you don’t have to spend all your time upset and worried. There are great ways to reduce your stress, and you can try them without any fancy equipment or even a lot of time. Here are four stress reducing activities that can have you feeling better fast:

1. Breathe!

Sometimes, you can literally forget to breathe properly. If you’re busy and stressed, you’re probably in a hurry, too. That can lead to breathing from your chest, and not from your diaphragm. Stopping for a minute and taking slow, deep, even breaths can help calm you down, even in very stressful situations.

2. Yoga

Even a few minutes of yoga while you’re watching TV or your loved one is napping can be an excellent way to relieve stress. Our Brooklyn home health care agency provides social work services, and we understand that you need to find ways to stay calm and reduce stress, so you can be an effective caregiver.

3. Meditation

Meditating is another great way to lower your stress levels quickly. You don’t need hours to sit and be still. Just a few minutes of quiet stillness can lead to better relaxation for you throughout the day. That’s great news for anyone who’s stressed out as a caregiver and needs to find a way to cope when things get tough.

4. Exercise

Even though you may already be tired, you should make time to get a little bit of exercise. Not only is it healthy for your body, but it’s also healthy for your mind and your emotional wellbeing. You’ll create endorphins, which will elevate your mood and have you feeling better about yourself and your caregiving abilities.