The number of senior citizens dealing with Alzheimer’s disease is very high. What’s even worse is that the number is growing every year. Taking care of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is not a simple task because this disease has specific characteristics that make it different than any other disease. Of course, in its essence, this is a type of dementia, so the advice we will share in this article can be used for other forms of dementia too.

One of the first things that you should take into account when taking care of a person dealing with Alzheimer’s disease is safety. In most cases, frequent falls can be a clear sign of this disease. So, using safety devices and equipment like stairlifts and installing handrails can prevent these falls. In addition, it is a good idea to remove some objects and items that represent danger like thin rugs. We should not forget to mention the household appliances that can cause problems like a microwave. Limit the access to these appliances because they can be dangerous when they are not used in the right way.

Even though it is difficult to live and/or work with people with Alzheimer’s disease, this doesn’t mean that we should not respect and honor these people. Numerous studies have shown that the attitude towards them has a strong impact. So, if they feel safe and respected the symptoms should be suppressed. Another thing that is very important is to learn to adjust their lifestyle to the current situation. Namely, if there is a risk of fall when going to the bedroom, adapt another room and make that room a bedroom. Furthermore, if the person was fond of showering and took showers once or twice a day, they should be fine if they start showering every second day if this activity is difficult or even painful for them.

Caregivers should also learn how to encourage these people because they need not only physical but psychological support too. Being unable to finish some everyday tasks can be frustrating, but you should be patient and explain to them things might become better if they are keeping the frustration away.

Finally, if you want to take good care of Alzheimer’s sufferers you need to develop a good routine and help them stick to it. With a proper routine, they will feel more secure and notice less confusion.