Like everything else in life, elder care has evolved. Not so many years ago, family members were left with no choice but to move their loved one to a nursing home when their care became too time consuming or difficult to handle. While nursing homes may still have a place in some situations, home care services allow patients to enjoy the dignity, privacy and comfort of remaining in their own home.

According to a Research Report by the National Conference of State Legislatures and the AARP Public Policy Institute, approximately 90 out of every 100 seniors wishes to remain in their own home as long as possible. Perhaps they have lived in their home for many years and the thought of change is frightening. Maybe they have had renovations completed to accommodate disabilities and they feel safer at home. No matter the reasoning, the objective is to stay in the home that they know. In-home care makes this possible.

Beyond the comfort aspect of home care versus a nursing home, there are financial considerations as well. Home care is often less expensive than a nursing home facility, even on a round-the-clock basis. If a senior only needs assistance with bathing, dressing and meal preparation, the cost difference is dramatically less.

Our seniors have worked hard to attain the lives they have created. Utilizing home care services in lieu of a nursing home placement helps the elderly to live their remaining years with the respect they deserve. As a reputable Brooklyn home health care agency, we have the necessary resources to assist seniors in aging at home. From personal care and nutritional support to home health aides and visiting nurses, All Heart Homecare Agency provides comprehensive services that eliminate the need for a move to a nursing home.