It is very important to be able to recognize the difference between non-medical home care and home health care.  The basic difference is the fact that these service provide different levels of medically qualified care and what they have in common is that they are both provided by home care agencies.

Home health care is a term used to describe care provided to patients at their own homes by experienced, qualified and licensed professional healthcare workers. In other words, this is the closest alternative to the care people can get in a hospital or nursing home in order to recover independence and health.

Home health care provides individuals a chance to age healthy in their home by providing homecare services, custodial care, companionship services and in-home care. The reason why many people use this option is the fact that this type of care is more convenient and it can be much cheaper than hospital recovery.

What is home health care?

Home health services are prescribed by qualified physicians and managed by a trained nurse, certified nurse assistant or a doctor. There are basically two payment options – Medicare and private medical insurance. These are some of the things that patients/users can expect: pain management, managing medication, post-operational rehabilitation (physical, occupational and speech therapy), wound care, education on illness and disease management, high-quality medical equipment, learning more about medication and disease management. In addition, they can get injections, catheter care, IV infusions and learn more about diabetes management.

People all of all ages can use home health services – people that have turned 65 or more years, babies etc. In most cases it’s used by the elderly. In addition, people who are discharged from a hospital, terminally ill, people with short-term health requirements and those who need help because of their age or disability can use these services too.

What is non-medical home care service?

Caregivers that provide non-medical home care services are involved only in non-medical care activities and tasks. This care is not covered by Medicare. In-home care is not the same as home health and it provides – assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, feeding, toileting), assistance with instrumental activities (laundry, housekeeping, grocery shopping), personal assistant services, companionship services (conversation, playing social games, light transportation and similar tasks.

Non-medical home care services are used mostly by the elderly although they can be used by any person that needs this type of help.