You’ve most likely heard about laughter being the best medicine, and there’s a good reason to believe it. Humor can help relieve stress and provide several other emotional and physical benefits. When you have an elderly family member living on their own, making sure that they enjoy regular doses of humor can help them stay happy and healthy.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughing can help your loved one stay in good physical condition. It can even boost their immunity, which helps reduce their risk of getting sick. Laughter also helps physically by lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing pain and lowering stress hormones.

In terms of emotional health, laughter helps seniors feel less anxious, less stressed and more joyful. It can boost their mood and make them better able to handle any problems that come their way. Whether they’re dealing with a health condition or struggling with the loss of independence to a certain degree, laughing can help them cope with these problems.

Laughter also provides the elderly with important social benefits, which helps them maintain a healthy body and mind. Humor helps keep their relationships strong and encourages them to seek social interactions with others.

Sources of Laughter

Making sure your elderly family member gets a healthy dose of humor on a regular basis can be a challenge if you’re not able to spend a lot of time with them. Home health aides can help out with this by providing your loved one with someone to chat with and share humorous stories with daily. Aides can also keep your loved one’s spirits up by providing personal care and ensuring that their basic needs are met.

Our kind and caring home health aides can provide your loved one with companionship and make sure that they’re basic needs are taken care of. Our home care agency NYC prides itself on improving the quality of life for seniors who live on their own.