Easter is around the corner, however, as COVID-19 is still an underlying issue, consider these activities to keep older adults at less of a risk of becoming ill. These tips allow you and your loved one to continue to celebrate Easter, without having to leave the house. 

Stick to Your Traditions- Cook a Favorite meal

Perhaps your Easter traditions include enjoying a traditional meal together with your family. To keep that going, cook that traditional meal but also consider the following so that you and your loved ones remain safe.

Rather than inviting a lot of people in joint celebration, consider hosting only a few in which you are sure have had few contact with others, or if they have been vaccinated.

In terms of cooking, plan out exactly what meals you would want to serve and keep in mind any and all dietary restrictions that your guests may have. Preparing a few days in advance is very helpful in this manner to keep things simple and stress-free when it comes to the actual day. 

Bake Something Special

There’s nothing better than having some special desserts freshly baked for a holiday. You can even have this as a family activity as it is engaging and fun to do for people of all ages. Some ideas include baking Easter-shaped cookies or a carrot cake and decorating it together.

Color Easter Eggs

This activity is one for all ages and is great for bringing the family in on the Easter Holiday. Many coloring kits are available in pharmacy stores or, you can boil and use food coloring to get the color that you desire. Many also buy washable paint and create designs and patterns on the eggs to give a festive and creative look.

Easter Egg Hunt

One of the best ways to spend some quality time and make countless new memories is by having the entire family involved when it comes to holidays. One common and fun activity is hosting or attending an Easter Egg Hunt. This is especially common activity for children, however, there is no reason adults won’t enjoy it just as much!

When planning out the Easter egg hunt, be sure to hide the eggs prior to the game or while the other contestants are blindfolded, in an attainable place, to make sure they do not ruin the fun for themselves!

No matter what you end up doing on Easter, the most important thing is to have fun and stay safe. If you or your loved one needs friendly company, we would happily help with that! All Heart Homecare Agency provides elderly care assistance and supports the elderly in need. Whether that be in their every day lives or just companionship, All Heart Home Care is happy to help.