Back pain, knee pain, restricted mobility, balance issues and few other health problems can make even the simplest tasks like getting up and down the stairs difficult. According to many experts, the simplest way to avoid these problems is to use straight stairlifts. In case you’ve got stairs that come with the simplest design (up and down style), it is very likely that you can install a stairlift easily and quickly.

What is important to mention is that in order to feel the benefits, you should use the help of professional installers. This is a complex system and you should not try to install it on your own if you don’t have any experience. These professionals have the skills, knowledge, and equipment and they can also take care of the regular maintenance.

In case you don’t know how these straight stairlifts are functioning, keep reading because we will explain the process. The elderly person that needs support just sits in the designated chair and uses a controller to move to the top. Once they are up, they can move around and come back to the chair when they are ready to go down. The power of the stairlift and the number of stairs will determine the amount of time needed to go all the way up or down. Generally speaking, this is not a time-consuming process. Thanks to the fast advance of technology, people can choose between many different models of stairlifts now.

In order to determine which option is the best for you, you should ask for an evaluation. Consult a professional and explain your situation. A good professional should be able to find the best model for you. Those on a tight budget can always find a used stairlift. Don’t forget that these consultations are usually free, so you can’t lose any money. On the other hand, consider the time (and money) needed for someone to get fully recovered from a fall. In most cases, the medical bills are quite high and on top of that, people have a difficult time to recover. Some senior citizens can’t recover, at least not completely after a fall like that.

Straight stairlifts are an excellent investment that promises freedom and enhanced safety. With its help, you can minimize the risk of falls. In addition, it increases the value of your home.