Seniors often benefit from physical activity. However, some types of activities are simply too hard on the joints and could do more harm than good. Instead of putting yourself at risk, choose a few low impact workouts for seniors instead. When you work with Brooklyn home health care providers, you’ll get support and guidance for your specific needs. These low impact workouts are often recommended, but you should consult with your professional care provider first.

#1: Swimming

Getting in the pool is one of the best things you can do for your body. It is an ideal form of cardio workout without any strain on the knees or other joints. For many people, it provides the intensity needed and is enjoyable, too.

#2: Dancing

Whether you enroll in a program such as Zumba, which is a Latin-inspired type of dance workout, or you just hit the floor with a favorite partner for some impromptu dance, it is all good for you. It helps with muscle strength and coordination. It can also be a very enjoyable solution for many.

#3: Biking

Biking is an excellent choice for those who want something low key. You choose the path, which means you get to select the intensity and length of a workout. Biking is also ideal for those who want to be outdoors while working out.

Other low impact exercises that can work for seniors includes any type of cardio. This includes activities such as simple walking, sitting-exercises, strength training, and rowing machines. You’ll find that it is important to choose activities that don’t cause pain in areas that hurt you. And, be sure to check with your doctor first.