Health is wealth, goes an old English adage. This is so true and we cannot help realising the importance of this proverb today, because we are all aware that the quality of our health is not even half as good as our ancestors. Diabetes, cholesterol, chronic pain in the joints and other ailments keep joining our bodies as we keep getting older. If you want to stay free from these ailments and lead a happy life in the future, you should pay special focus to your food. People with high-cholesterol and diabetes, especially, should be extra careful about what they can eat and what they cannot eat. Here is a list of foods that are strictly prohibited for people with high cholesterol issues:

  • Margarine

Yes, the so-called, “healthier” equivalent of butter , margarine, should be avoided completely as they are made from trans fats. Excessive consumption of trans fats can damage one’s heart as well, apart from increasing the cholesterol content in one’s body.

  • Shell fish

Shell fishes are very healthy for people other than those with cholesterol and cardiac issues. While you can eat certain types of fishes, you should be careful to avoid this lobster-fish as a single piece is believed to contain 61mg of cholesterol

  • Chicken fry

Chicken fry or any other fried dish that is dipped in oil causes a lot of damage for your heart and cholesterol levels. If you want to have chicken, consider consuming the baked version, instead. Fried dishes are a strict no-no, even if you fry your food in the so-called “healthy” and “heart-friendly” oils that advertisements make tall claims about.

  • Cream Cheese

Cream cheese or any kind of cheese should be strictly avoided by people who have cholesterol. You can be easily tempted to have a cheese sandwich on one of those days that you are too tired to cook. However, one ounce of cheese is believed to contain 27mg of cholesterol, which is quite a high value indeed! Never yield in to the temptation of consuming cheesy dishes when you are already suffering from cholesterol.

  • Egg Yolks

While egg whites are considered to be healthy for all people, egg yolks are a strict no-no for people who have cholesterol and cardiac problems. You should limit the consumption of egg yolks to about less than 4 in a week, so that you don’t compound your health issues.