Childhood obesity is one of the most common problems hitting many parts of the world today. Unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, unnecessary stress & pressure and a lot of other factors contribute to obesity problems in kids. When kids suffer from excessive weight issues, they not only have to face physical problems, but also have to deal to fight with their mental demons as well. Obesity can result in lack of confidence and self-belief in kids, killing their potential even before it is developed properly. This is a serious problem; therefore, it is important to do all what you can so that your kids don’t have to face these problems.

  • No substitute for physical activities

Sedentary lifestyles and over exposure to technology are two of the major culprits for childhood obesity in kids today. Children have forgotten running & jumping and they are now addicted to smartphones and iPads. We need to get rid of this habit right away. Encourage your kids to engage in complete physical activity for about 90 minutes every day to see the difference for yourself.

  • Nutrients-rich foods

Never load your kid’s tummy from the so-called healthy breakfast cereals, protein shakes, sports drinks, energy beverages etc. These are full of refined sugar and other preservatives which do more harm than good for your kid. Encourage your kids to eat whole fruits than drink fruit juices to get the nutrients of the fruit completely. Cut down on all- purpose flour, refined sugars, sweets, spice and salt in the food and try to prepare creative dishes using boiled vegetables, greens, fishes, etc. Teach your kids to eat short and healthy meals frequently throughout the day instead of gulping  their food in one go.

  • Personal training

While the methods mentioned above, will help your kids to avoid the risk of getting obese, this method will help your kids if they are already obese. As a parent, you must know if your kid is underweight, overweight, obese or perfect. When you know that kid weighs far more than what he has to, for his age group, you need to ensure that he gets professional training with personalised attention for quick results. Get your kid enrolled in a gym where he/she will be monitored on a regular basis. Kids lose interest in these very soon; therefore, parents should lead by example and started working out with the kid in order to inspire and motivate them.