Ramadan is a holiday that Muslims celebrate every year. Ramadan 2021 begins at sunset on Monday, April 12, and ends on Wednesday, May 12.

For 30 days, Muslims fast during daylight hours and thus adhere to one of the five pillars of faith. Fasting allows Muslims to eat before sunrise and after sunset every day.

This holiday is also notable because, during the month, Muslims strive to practice “zakat,” – charity, which is also one of the five pillars of Islam.

According to Arabic etymology, the word Ramadan literally means extreme heat. Thus, fasting becomes a spiritual process where Muslims can burn their sins through good deeds.

Ramadan is celebrated as the month during which is said that the Prophet Muhammad received from God the initial revelations of what became the Quran – the holy book for Muslims.

For those who celebrate, Happy Ramadan!