According to some statistics, more than 15% of US citizens in 2015 was older than 65. This is good news because the life expectancy has grown significantly in the last few decades. What is even more interesting is that experts predict that the number of old people will grow in the future because of the fast advance of medicine, science and technology.

However, with the growth of the number of senior citizens, people have witnessed another phenomenon – the increased need for different types of senior care services. Nursing homes were one of the first options for providing such services, but today more and more people are showing interest in home care services. While it is true that nursing homes come with certain advantages, it is also true that most people prefer home care services and there are numerous reasons for this. We will now point out some of these reasons.

To start with, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that senior citizens manage to live longer when they are living in the place where they have spent most of their life. There is a good explanation for this occurrence – people who live at home don’t feel the stress that they usually feel when they are in a nursing home. They know where their things are kept and don’t have to think about trivial things. People know where all the things in the kitchen located are, they know how to use the bathroom etc. It is also good to point out that the elderly have lower chances of getting injured when they are at home because they know the layout. Even if there is low light they know how to get from one place to another – for instance, from their bedroom to their bathroom in the middle of the night. Thank to home care services, the elderly can stay in the place they want and live a happy and long life.

As we have mentioned before there are few other options for the elderly once they become dependent of other people’s help. However, these options have proven to be very costly. For example, the cost of an assisted living facility is up to 30% higher compared to home care services. The situation is even more drastic in cases of nursing homes (up to 2.5 times higher cost).

Finally, professionals that provide in home care services are focused on providing help to only one client. This gives them more time to learn more about the condition of the seniors and meet all their requirements and needs.