You may have heard that due to the changes in Department of Health regulations, we expect significant changes in the home health care industry, which can even result in the closing of some home health agencies.

The sad thing is that far too often they receive just a few days notice and are left scrambling to figure out what to do next.

We’d like to help you handle this stressful situation. When your plan is closing or your agency loses contract, here are some steps on what to do next:

  1. Stay positive and don’t settle! It takes time to find a home care agency that fits you best.
  2. Search online, check reviews, and start contacting home care agencies immediately.
  3. Do not make hasty decisions, carefully choose an agency. Please pay attention to:
    • Do they serve your area?
    • Do they accommodate all your needs and requirements?
    • How do you feel about their Customer service? First impressions are important! If they are rude with you in the beginning, do not expect different treatment later.
  4. Once you have decided on an agency, you should complete any necessary paperwork right away to get the transfer process started.

All Heart Homecare Agency meets all the requirements mentioned above. We serve all 5 NYC boroughs and will gladly provide you with excellent service while we walk you through the entire process of becoming our client or employee. If your agency is closing and you are looking for a stable home care agency, call us right away at (888) 276-0404.

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