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All over the world, there has been a constant rise in the demand for Nursing Homes. With an increasing elderly population as well as increased costs of living, it may be concluded that it is becoming harder for adult children to care for their elderly parents themselves. Therefore, many people resort to nursing homes as a safe alternative. However, these nursing homes are not as safe as you might think and are definitely not the best option when it comes to caring for your loved ones.

Nursing Home and Home Care

While many people may confuse the two terms, there is a significant difference between a nursing home and home care services.

A Nursing Home is usually defined as a public or private residential facility providing a high level of long-term personal or nursing care for persons who are unable to care for themselves properly. It is commonly known as a community of older adults who require minimal or no assistance to enjoy daily activities.

Most rooms in a nursing home are comparable to smaller studio or single-bedroom apartments. They are designed this way to encourage residents to communicate, make friends, take part in group activities and enjoy the facilities provided to them. A major drawback of a nursing home is that it forces the elderly to be away from their families at a time when they need them the most.

Homecare, on the other hand, is special care that allows an elderly individual to remain in the comfort of their home whilst being assisted by a trained home health aide. This is suitable for people who are getting older or are chronically ill since homecare services include personal care, homemaking, cooking or delivering meals and basic healthcare.

Nursing homes are designed to take the elderly away from their homes and have them adjust to a new, unfamiliar environment to live in. This is likely to lead to uneasiness, illness and more discomfort for them.

Unlike nursing homes, in-home care can be easily provided by a private home health aide. This service allows individuals to live their life the way they like, away from nursing homes and closer to their family.

Services Included

Home care services tend to include basic care and support that an elderly person would require in order to live comfortably as they mainly revolve around ADL’s (activities of daily living). Unlike nursing homes, home care services are much more reliable and personal.

Depending upon the company you opt for, most homecare packages can be customized according to your preference. This enables people to have the best possible experience with their home care and get promising results.

Typically, homecare packages will include:

  • Personal care such as help with bathing or getting dressed
  • Housekeeping
  • Preparing and providing meals
  • Running important errands
  • Medication reminders
  • Communication help
  • Daily housework such as grocery shopping
  • Assistance with basic grooming


Research has shown that the difference between yearly expenditures of Private Homecare and Nursing Homes was not statistically significant.

Costs of private homecare services can range significantly. Instead of paying for a permanent room in a nursing home, you hire a home health aide to assist the elderly for as many hours as you need/choose. Factors that determine the cost of packages are the services performed (companionship, bathing/cleaning), number of hours per day and the difficulty of the case (chronic illnesses).

Most nursing homes tend to be much more costly than private homecare. This is mainly because nursing homes offer live-in facilities, and they may have other special equipment that can be used for elderly care. However, in most cases, adult children are paying for services that their elderly parents don’t even require.

Private homecare packages, on the other hand, can be tailored to suit your specific needs, in accordance with the price that you can afford to pay.

Private homecare services are proven to be better than nursing homes because with a home health aide, you can also be sure that your parent will receive undivided attention and care.  In-home care also promotes the healing process as recent studies have proven that patients are able to heal faster and more comfortably when at home, as compared to a nursing home.

From freedom and independence to home-cooked meals and a comforting environment, private homecare provides the best of it all.

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