In recent studies, researchers believe the leading cause of death for women over fifty is cancer, stroke and heart disease. Reports show life expectancy can be greatly increased by changing your lifestyle. Change your diet, increasing your exercise, reduce your alcohol intake and quit smoking, are all ways in which you can greatly increase your life expectancy. Obesity is another of America’s leading causes of death, and it is strongly recommended for women to reduce their weight to live longer, healthier lives.

Reports around the world are showing cures or vaccinations for deadly diseases in seniors such as, flu, pneumonia and tuberculosis, are making a great impact towards life expectancy. With technology of today, it is hardly surprising that cures and vaccinations are invented to increase life longevity.

In America today, it is common in women to live well over eighty years of age, and the increase of life expectancy is on the rise. Where this is a break through, it does cause other problems for the elderly such as health costs. Pensions are not always provided for seniors of today, so living costs within care homes are proven difficult.
Due to rising healthcare costs, many seniors are unable to pay for the expensive bills they receive from nursing homes and residential facilities, and so they opt for home care help instead.

Many families take in their elderly to provide care for them as it is the only means for them.

Studies show home health care in Brooklyn is on the increase. This proves America needs to make more effort for senior care today. Because of the magnificent increase of longevity of lives in women, America has really made a dramatic change in how seniors are cared for today.

Technological advancements of today have made it possible for American seniors to receive full care within the comfort of their own homes.

Many home health care facilities in Brooklyn offer full access to quality care, leaving families to care for their elderly, and for our seniors of today to afford to pay for their own care while being present in their own residential homes.

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