More than Your Disabilities- National Disability Day (Dec.3)

December 3, 2020, is the annual National Disability Day. This year’s theme is, “Not all Disabilities are Visible.” On this day, each of us should reflect that some forms of disability do not show up right away. Factors such as mental illness, chronic pain, trauma, neurological disorders, or cognitive dysfunctions can cause disability as time went on. Therefore, it is vital to support people with disabilities and raise public awareness of the issue.

How to Observe National Disability Day

  • Stand up for or advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Extend a helping hand.
  • Show some humanity.

People with disabilities are helpful members of society. Therefore, it is essential that they feel our support and care on National Disability Day!

To draw a line, you are not defined by your disabilities, and All Heart Homecare understands that fully well. Our caregivers provide quality in-home care to meet the personal care needs of each person with disabilities. 

We are here to help your loved ones maintain their independence and get the care they deserve! Contact us for the best care.

Social Distancing & The Holidays: How to Lift the Spirit of Your Elderly Loved Ones This Season


It’s no secret that older people are more prone to depression during the holidays. Sometimes this happens due to health conditions or financial problems. Moreover, many elderly people are still isolated because of Covid-19. It also has a negative impact on older people.

Therefore, it is vital to try to cheer up loved ones and improve their mental state during the holidays. Today, we will be sharing practical advice on how to lift the spirit of your elderly loved ones, taking into account social distancing rules to keep everyone around you safe.

Decreasing the Risk 

Nowadays, family gatherings carry significant risks for older people. However, nothing prevents you from seeing the whole family using a video-conferencing app. Meanwhile, if you decide to get together in a close family circle, then be sure to take into account the norms of social distancing on the way home. This also includes washing hands and using protective masks.

These simple and useful recommendations can significantly reduce the risk of contracting the virus and allow you to enjoy simple home joys with your family.

Enjoying the Christmas Lights

If your seniors still drives, then advise them to tour around the area and enjoy the bright Christmas lights. You can also make a video about how you and your children decorate the house and share it with your loved ones using instant messengers or social networks.

Even a simple family photo that you take with your smartphone can cheer up seniors and give them a feeling of warmth and care. It would be useful to send a good old postcard for your senior loved one. Sign it by hand and add some warm wishes from all the family members. To make it unique and personalized, send a postcard by mail to congratulate your senior loved one in an old-fashioned way.

Discover new places together

If you want to take your elderly loved ones out in a park or a shopping center, be extremely careful. Large crowds are one of the main reasons for the spread of Covid-19.

To avoid unreasonable risks, offer your senior loved one to try the Window Swap application instead. It will be a great way to refresh the environment for an older person who has been isolated in a home due to the pandemic.

The app allows people to watch the lovely views from the window in different parts of the world and listen to picturesque cities’ sounds. The app is excellent for changing a person’s mental and emotional environment or encouraging a senior to learn new things about the world. The point is to reduce the emotional stress on your senior loved ones and mentally transfer them to unique places that can give many pleasant sensations.

Whichever tips you choose, keep in mind that it should help your senior family members ease the burden of loneliness and provide them with your warmth and care. More importantly, remember to support loved ones not only during the Christmas and New Year holidays but throughout the year.

For more tips on how to stay safe this holiday season, contact All Heart Homecare Agency for the best advice on how to properly care for your loved one every day. 

What is World AIDS Day?

Annually on December 1, the global community celebrates World AIDS Day. The Day joins together individuals worldwide. It is also needed to express mutual encouragement for persons living with HIV or who have passed away from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDs)complications.

Traditionally, each Day has a theme. The 2020 message is Resilience and Impact. The current topic is about the growing list of AIDS-related issues and draws people’s attention to the point.

This international Day was founded in 1988. Since then, global agencies and government organizations have drawn civil society’s attention to the need to join forces and carry out global campaigns related to the fight against HIV.

World AIDS Day

Why Is It So Important to All of Us?

Initially, some people were critical of World AIDS Day. The reason was that it focused on cases of infection among kids and youngsters. The organizers aimed to weaken the association of this problem, which was most associated with gay men.

As a result, this disease was recognized as a familiar one that may be relevant to anyone. Moreover, statistics show that HIV and AIDS are the most frequent causes of death among women of childbearing age. More than 43% of new illness infections were among females in 2016.

The Issues We Face Now

Since 2012, the Day’s primary goal is to achieve the so-called zero level of new HIV infections. This also applies to zero deaths from AIDS-related illnesses.

Detailed statistics allow a more in-depth look at the current state of affairs. In 2016, the number of new infections among young women showed a depressing trend. The 15-24 age group increased the rate of new cases by 44%. Such statistics give a completely new understanding of the prevailing stereotype that this disease mainly concerns the male sex. World AIDS Day strives to get rid of such stereotypes and take a sensible view of things.

According to the latest research, since 2015, international financial support for AIDS has declined. Meanwhile, half of the population living with HIV or AIDS can still try anti-retro-viral therapy. Yet, it demonstrates a direct impact on reducing the incidence rate. However, the most important thing is that people should pay attention to inequalities in the treatment issue.

How Can You Help?

Wearing a red ribbon is one of the widespread ways to show your support. The ribbon color was not chosen by chance. It symbolizes the blood, pain, and anger associated with this terrible epidemic. The red ribbon on the lapel demonstrates tolerance towards those suffering from this disease.

Today, there are a significant number of national and international non-profit organizations that are dedicated to fighting this disease. It is not difficult to find relevant ones in the United States and support their action plan with a small donation. This approach has already enabled the United States to reduce its annual death toll since the mid-nineties gradually.

Another way to show your support is to visit a candlelight vigil. Every year, major cities in the United States hold candlelight vigils to recognize those who have passed away from the disease. Each of you can check on the internet for the nearest candlelight vigil venue and visit it to show general support. Even a small post on social media will help you join the public efforts to fight against this severe disease.

Everything You Need to Know About the CDPAP Program


Currently, CDPAP delivers a wide range of home care services. Some people do not fully understand how to get the most out of it. Still, the program is perfect for a family member’s care needs because of the universal approach.

It is an excellent choice for people who got Medicaid and are in want of home health services. This is especially true for older people who cannot make an independent choice. In some cases, seniors do not have the mental acuity to make the right decision in time and take care of their health.

It often happens that seniors may face various forms of disability or any other serious illnesses. As a result, competent and compassionate caregivers can take on the responsibility of getting right on a home on behalf of a person. Another essential edge of CDPAP is that caregivers can take care of your loved ones in a family-like treatment at any time.

Visit the following official CDPAP online resources for more details:

Keep in mind that CDPAP does not require a Personal Assistant (PA) to acquire additional qualifications. Any family member or loved one is eligible to perform Home Health Aide functions as long as the PA has the appropriate work permit or medical certificate.

The Key CDPAP Definition

The term CDPAP stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. In essence, it is a universal program designed for New Yorkers exclusively. It allows seniors to use Personal Assistants’ services and craft a personalized care plan to go through recovery. The good news is that Medicaid may fully cover the program. In other words, you don’t have to spend extra money to get help from home care service professionals.

An appointed caregiver may be helpful in the following cases:

  • Safety supervision.
  • Feeding the patient.
  • Assisting with food preparation.
  • Help in maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Help with grocery shopping.
  • Help with doing laundry.
  • Accompanying the patient to the doctor’s appointment.
  • Dressing.
  • Performing basic medical tasks, such as administering insulin and others.

One way or another, the services cover a wide range of tasks necessary for assistance with everyday tasks and household chores. Even if the patient is faced with health issues that do not allow reach at a decision, caregivers like a friend, neighbor, or family members are expertly matched to come to the rescue and change the situation for the better. Please pay special attention that one cannot invite a parent or spouse (who lives in the same address) to work as PA.

What Are the Benefits of the CDPAP program?

In short, it allows patients to get care services from the comfort of their homes and avoid additional costs with Medicaid. An equally important gain of the program is that seniors can independently choose a person they will feel most comfortable with.

The program also provides quality in-home care to meet the personal care needs of each senior. This is great news for people who are used to comfort and don’t want to disrupt their daily routine.

Key benefits of the CDPAP Program:

  • An eligible person can get help from family members, an acquaintance, or a designated PA. As a result, the patient may feel more comfortable.
  • Guardians receive official wages while they take care of elderly patients, including a paid vacation.
  • Seniors can arrive at their own decisions and select PAs from a wide range of candidates. A senior who does not feel safe with unfamiliar people can also opt for a family member.
  • CDPAP fully addresses all the elderly or disabled’s daily needs and provides them with appropriate services.
  • The program has no less stringent regulations that determine the amount of time it takes to meet an older person’s needs. The designated caregiver or family member can decide for themselves how much time it will take to provide a senior with the appropriate comfort and care.
  • CDPAP does not offer standardized care schemes for an elderly patient. A caregiver has every right to independently determine a person’s individual needs and give an appropriate scope of services.
  • The program provides the client with medical assistance from the comfort of his/her own home. A person no longer needs to visit hospitals and other institutions. It also instills confidence in family members who know their loved ones feel comfortable.

Now you can independently answer questions such as “What is CDPAP” ​​and “What are the benefits of this program”? to provide yourself or your loved ones with warm and professional home care .

Want to learn more about CDPAP or want professional assistance to navigate through the application process and enroll in CDPAP? 

Then call us today at 718-550-3177.

Our dedicated and friendly staff at All Heart Homecare Agency will answer all your CDPAP related inquiries, and help you with the enrollment process.

What Makes An Ideal Home Health Aide?

Home Health Aide

A Home Health Aide must have a specific skill set to help their clients. However, that is not enough as for when it comes to a professional service, every candidate must undergo the appropriate certification and training. Caring for people with disabilities and the elderly requires communication skills and knowledge similar to that of a practical psychologist.

Who Is The  Typical Home Health Aide?

Let’s imagine a person who lives in isolation and rarely leaves their apartment. Over the years, such people become withdrawn and have frequent mood swings. They especially need a calm and understanding person close who will provide them with professional care without giving in their personal opinion to their character.

Home Health Aides must be persistent enough to persuade patients to take some medication or perform the necessary medical procedure. If HHAs are self-confident enough and have strict plans for a day, their wards feel safe and less anxious. Consistency is what allows anyone to avoid unnecessary tension.

 Here are the 3  main requirements that every home attendant should meet:

  • Stable and Professional traits. Elder citizens with serious diseases may often act like moody children; often they just don’t understand who their caregivers are and that they are here to help them. However, a Home Health Aide has to remain positive and professional despite all circumstances and perform all the basic responsibilities at the same time.
  • Physical endurance. Performing numerous hygiene and medical procedures, feeding, walking, and communicating are basic HHAs duties. They are usually involved in keeping the apartment clean and preparing special dietary meals. With that being said, one needs to have the physical endurance to keep up with such tasks. 
  • Ability to use care products. The professional home attendant will help to choose the proper diaper size, prevent allergic reactions, or propose some alternative decisions in a case of extraordinary situations. Readiness to learn new information is another important skill.

Moreover, the typical home attendant should be punctual and tidy. Good looks and charm also matter: sometimes, a smile and warm words can cheer the patient up, calm them down, inspire, or give hope. On the other side, a sincere desire to work and personal qualities are more important than diplomas, certificates and proper experience.

Does The HHA’s Age Matter?

Most clients think that the best home attendant age is 40-60 years old because it is thought that candidates at this age have enough experience for caring for elder citizens. However, age does NOT matter. The most important factor is the experience of potential caregivers. The following practice could be useful in real cases:

  1. Physiological state control. The HHA should know how to measure body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other indicators. All the prescribed medications must be given on time. It’s also important that the caregiver ensures that the patient adheres to the daily regimen.
  2. Monitoring the patient’s skin condition. If caring for bedridden patients, the caregiver should focus on preventing pressure ulcers. The professional home attendant must be able to determine the type of skin lesion (diaper rash, bruise, bedsore, wound), and understand when it is necessary to call for a doctor.
  3. Performing medical procedures prescribed by a doctor. Injections, dressings, carrying out gymnastic exercises and massage, changing the stool or urine bag are meant here. The HHA’s duties also include changing of diapers. Taking measures to maintain cleanliness in the patient’s room: airing the room, wet cleaning, providing access to sunlight should also be added.

If HHA candidates have the mentioned experience and skills, they can be chosen despite their age. Most nurses usually have similar work experience, although hiring a nurse does not mean hiring a professional home attendant. Checking the employee’s basic skills will help to find a high-quality assistant who loves their job, no matter how difficult it may be.

How To Properly Congratulate a Veteran on Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day

Veterans Day is a day dedicated to honor the strongest, bravest and most courageous in our country, those who serve or served in the Military. These individuals have been through a lot, to say the least and it’s important to show how valuable they are to keeping our country safe. Generally,it is easy enough to offend a person who was involved in the war by being careless and since many of our patients have been veterans of the war, many  may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That’s why it’s important to approach this matter with caution, and use the following recommendations:

  1. It is not always appropriate to use generic poems and quotes. A few words spoken from the heart are much more valuable and express more than any lines in overused verse. However, if the greeting was personalized, do not hesitate to present it.
  1. Keep it short and sweet. When thanking the veteran for their service, be sure to show gratitude for how they fought for their country, risking their own life. Wishes for health, happiness and long life may seem trivial in other cases but will be good for Veterans’ Day.
  1. Personalize your greeting. Even if you do not know anything about the veteran’s life, you know one thing, that they fought for your freedom.  Address them by name in a greeting. Generalizations are usually only used when referring to a group of people. At the same time, it is recommended to mention the war that the person took part in.
  1. Avoid details about the war. In most cases, such stories evoke negative emotions rather than positive ones. Such words may even sound inappropriate to people who have never lived in those times. To avoid any feelings of trauma, try to refrain from mentioning any stories that may have hurt them.
  1. Do not hesitate to wish peace. Veterans know exactly the price of this phenomenon and dream that one day it will be established all over the world. Express gratitude for all heroic deeds and boundless love for the homeland. Inspire veterans to achieve new goals, that their life isn’t over and that you believe in them with all your heart.
  1. Mention the importance of their heroic actions. We may not know all of what these people had to endure, but we can show our sincere admiration. It may be difficult to cope with emotions on such holidays, but greet them with a comforting smile. Show the  veterans gratitude and positivity, because for some, you may be their only support system they have. 

Don’t hesitate to use kind, comforting words. For war veterans, even your presence may be special to them so that they may not feel alone. Together, let us honor those who have fought and serviced our nation. Happy Veterans day!

All Heart Home Health Care

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving is approaching us, we look back through our life and note the things we are grateful for. Now, although this year has given many hardships and challenges, there are still things we can look back on in our life that we can give thanks for. Some may thank their parents for their lives; their friends for being the support they need in times of trouble and loved ones providing comfort in times of trouble. Let’s be grateful for the life we are given every day, for our shelter, for our food. It’s in the comfortable times when we forget that these are all blessings and it’s important to share humility as well as gratitude. What are you grateful for this year?

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5 Foods Your Diabetic Patient should AVOID

Diabetic Patient

Home health aides who care for their diabetic patients should take into account their needs while creating a meal plan suitable to their needs. A healthy diet is one that is rich in nutrients but low in fat and calories. The main compounds are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. While many of us already know that a healthy diet is suitable for the patients, here is a list of 5 foods that are actually not so healthy for a diabetic patient and what they should stay away from.

  1. Corn
corn-Diabetic Patient

Corn is strictly prohibited for patients with type 2 diabetes, even in the form of cereals, muesli and popcorn. 

Why isn’t corn a good option?

This food contains many starches and, because of this, it significantly loads the pancreas. An alternative may be a variety of cabbage salads which are allowed with the addition of boiled or canned corn grains, with herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, cauliflower. Meat, poultry, or fish, mostly boiled, baked in foil, or stewed (with a little oil) may be added to salads.

  1. Rice
rice-Diabetic Patient

Though white rice is valuable for its content of B vitamins, which are responsible for the health of the nervous system, it isn’t the best option for a diabetic patient. Rice takes an active part in the production of energy necessary for movement and general life but the glycemic index of white milled rice is 65-70. That is why it is better to switch to alternatives such as barley, oatmeal, wheat bread or cereals high in fiber. However, you do not have to get rid of rice completely, you may just try out brown rice. Brown rice is often used for weight loss, as well as for cleansing the body because such food is rich in fiber, folic acid and vitamin B1.

  1. Sausages
Sausages-Diabetic Patient

Smoked, salted and fried foods should not be consumed. This is because, with the way they are processed, even dietary meat and fish become harmful for diabetics. In general, most types of meat and fish are included in the diet of diabetics due to their low carbohydrate content. It is worth excluding only from mutton, the high-fat content of which can cause the development of various pathologies in patients with diabetes mellitus.

  1. Sweet Yogurts
sweet yogurts-Diabetic Patient

When choosing dairy products for people with type 2 diabetes, home attendants need to focus on their fat content. Sweet yogurts, fatty sour cream and cheese are not the best choices. The rest of the dairy and fermented milk products are allowed and even highly recommended. People with diabetes can eat homemade yogurt, but low-fat yogurt is prohibited. Diabetes patients cannot have sugar, fruits and various additives.

  1. White bread
white bread-Diabetic Patient

The high content of fast carbohydrates makes wheat flour a dangerous product for diabetics. This is due to the composition of this food since it is baked from premium flour. Because of the carbohydrates shock dose, such bread does not contain anything useful for health. Conversely, even a small loaf of white bread can lead to high blood glucose readings. Diabetes patients should stay away from sweet buns. As an alternative try bread made from rye flour, wholemeal flour or bran.

A heart healthy meal plan is especially important for diabetic patients and requires certain knowledge and attention. First, exclude fatty foods, sweets and alcohol. As their home health aide,  pay attention to the patient’s well-being after consuming certain foods. For more information on how to meal prep, contact All Heart Homecare Agency. Our nurses would gladly inform you of the details for properly caring for elderly patients with different diseases. 

Why All Heart is the best Place for Caregiver Heroes ?

All heart Cargivers

A home health aide is a specialist who can delegate different tasks for providing high-quality care for their patients. Every home attendant must not only monitor the seniors’ health but also perform different household chores. On the other hand, caregivers’ duties vary depending on the individual needs of their patients. However, such a specialist must interact both with the elderly citizen but also with their relatives for productive work.

The Key Recommendations in Searching For The Home Health Aides Job Position

Though for some it may be easy enough to find a caregiver’s job, but for others, looking for the appropriate workplace may take little more time and effort. It is important to have any wishes and expectations before starting the whole process. The more specific you are, the easier itis to find a good workplace. To start, use these 3 recommendations:

  1. Consider your  desired work schedule. The first thing to decide is whether your employment will be full or partial. 24/7 work will help you provide patients with better care and increase income levels. A part-time schedule allows taking a few cases at the same time but that is not always a good decision. On  one hand, home health aides wouldn’t get enough rest; on the other hand, patient care times often do not coincide.
  2. Take the area in which you want to work into account. Consider the commute times and how you would get to your case. Companies like All Heart Homecare Agency do everything possible to provide their employees with appropriate cases depending on the where they live. So, be sure  to inform coordinator about the desired area.
  3. Remember your previous experience. Home attendants’ duties may differ depending on the patients’ diseases. For instance, home bound seniors may  need a physically strong helper while dementia patients may need  special psychological support. So, if you already used to work as a home attendant, inform the HR manager about that too. Thus, they will be able to find a client, seeing your existing experience.

All Heart caregivers carry out many duties: from daily blood pressure measurements to setting droppers and inserting a catheter. Life-saving skills are a must, especially in caring for bedridden, frail, elderly patients. Therefore, all who are planning to provide professional home health care must have the appropriate education. In order to become a home health aide, one must go through special training in order to get certified

Which Benefits Do All Heart Caregivers Get?

We should remember that the home health aide is a highly demanded trade. Therefore, representatives of this profession can count on comfortable working conditions and a good salary. Applying for All Heart home health care agency will help a potential home attendant  solve numerous problems, and here are some of them:

  • Getting lots of bonuses. Additional work and actions must be paid and All Heart Homecare Agency rewards everyone who takes part in the referral program. Moreover, all the new employees get an additional bonus after two weeks of working over the case.
  • Safe and guaranteed. All Heart caregivers may count for stable work and social protection. To be more precise, the responsible agency must provide their employees with paid sick and vacation days. The home health aides’ duties list must be approved by the parties before creating the case.
  • Careful patient and home attendant selection. To start, the home health aide must have the necessary experience for serving seniors with specific diseases. Also, the individual demands and health features of both sides must be taken into account. First, we are talking about any allergic reactions or other possible restrictions.
  • Quick employment. While starting with All Heart Homecare Agency, home health aides get professional training during their orientation and then 4 times a year during their in-service classes. All the necessary knowledge is provided in the most accessible format, any unnecessary information is excluded. After the training, the coordinators  start looking for the appropriate case.

All Heart Homecare is glad to help their team members reach  their goals and strive for more. Our work experience allows us to find an approach not only to clients, but to home attendants as well. Before starting the case, we need to know as much as possible about the potential worker: not only experience and knowledge, but also their personal traits.

As a result, All Heart Homecare Agency caregivers reach professional heights and receive sincere gratitude from their patients. We are happy to get more and more positive reviews from elderly citizens and their children. Moreover, our agency is constantly hiring new members, so, you may also become a part of our company.  We are waiting for your application!

How to Break the Ice with Your New Home Health Attendant: A Guide for a New Client

Health Attendant

Home Health Attendants are nice, friendly people and are usually easy to get along with. Let’s imagine that you have already chosen the right person who meets all your requirements, but you will have to face the first issue: the adaptation process.

Discussing the necessity of home health attendant services with your loved one before calling for them is extremely important. Sometimes,  the patient may feel shocked, cheated, or scared. Thus, it is important to find the right approach and know what to expect when receiving services for the first time.  The best advice is, to be honest with your elder relative and does not dwell on shortcomings.

What Should the First Days Look Like?

The elder relative must feel that the home care service will bring them all the necessary care. Try to be at home when the specialist begins their work if you have such a possibility. Use this time to note all the necessary information about the services to make the process of acquaintance easier:

  1. Describe everything that is important, and wait for questions. Inform the worker about the daily routine and habits of the elder citizen. For example, if the patient is bedridden, note how many times they must be rotated. Be sure that the home attendant understands any important issues. As they continue to ask questions, this alone shows their interest in providing high-quality services.
  2. Do a daily routine together with the new worker. Show the specialist what you usually do with your elder patient. That will help to avoid confusion from both the elder citizens and the home health attendant’s side. Show what is expected from meal preparations, shopping for errands, as well as giving proper grooming care. The best way to learn something is to see it with your own eyes.
  3. Discuss the caregiver’s work. It is better to describe all the issues, even if they seem obvious. The main questions are how many hours the person will work, how many hours they sleep, where is their living space etc.

Keep in touch with the home attendant, especially during the first days of the work. You may also ask them to make a report at the end of the day: thus, you will know if the service was made at the proper level.

Cooperating  with the Home Health Attendant: Psychological Side

Morals of the elder patient who gets acquainted with a new person is another issue that deserves attention. This process is not easy but if the worker has all the necessary professional skills, they will successfully get through this stage. Here are the signs that the home attendant cares about your elder relative’s mental state:

  • They talk about themselves. The worker should not inform the patient about their personal life or any similar details, but they must find some general points of contact with the client. All in all, they will have to spend a lot of time together.
  • They try to inspire confidence. If the home attendant is sincere and friendly and has similar work experience, they understand how the first impression is important. High-quality workers analyze the character of their client at this stage and make a decision on how to act.
  • They create business relations. If the home attendant is considered as a family member, there may appear a space for manipulation. Therefore, professional caregivers should not encourage non-working relationships.

Do not forget to listen to the elder relative’s opinion, ask if they are satisfied with the given service, and all details are taken into consideration. If you need any advice regarding this issue, you may contact the All Heart Homecare agency. We have been working in this sphere for many years, learned the most controversial aspects of the adaptation process, and know how to cope with them. Our home health attendants do everything to help the client and establish a pleasant psychological environment. All Heart Homecare – Because we care.